Since Charles Darwin’s era the survival of fittest is known as the theory of evolution and here we are pursuing it as in the light of adaptive qualities of brain and its survival strategies. it is well understood that human brain is capable of learning things over time and it has the capacity to get over damages and even rewire itself in miraculous manner .. so if strategically used indeed it can be used as a powerhouse , if provided with the favourable conditions and the proper controlled challenges it can unleash the hidden potentials. it might not be an understatement that under positive stress the child brain can rewire and bring the functional changes required to survive and succeed.

 The synapses, the mirror neurons, the neuron firing and the HPA axis loop all play a vital role in the journey of neuroplasticity or also known as brain plasticity (Brain rewiring). our happy hormones namely dopamine, endorphin, serotonin, and oxytocin are mainly received by socializing and physical touches like cuddles and happy emotions even by sense of safety . providing the child benefits of all of them by simple play sessions with their parents in the most comfortable place they can be that is their home. So that they can grow with all these embedded in their autonomic nervous responses so that delaying any possible chances of negative damages psychologically and as well as increasing the power of Resilience.

One thing that I am sure about what having your child diagnosed with a special need challenge is like it can literally spin your world upside down in a fraction of a second and you can have the feeling of isolation that never ceases to go. But here I would like to draw your attention to something we need to acknowledge, that is our child is special need child because they are “Special” for some reason and I honestly don’t believe that in any Dictionary around the world “Special” can be defined as less in any sense .. it is just not a mere motivational thought or it isn’t just a hypothetical philosophy .. to support my argument I have a variety of specific facts and figures as well.

One of them is the Neuroplasticity also known as Brain plasticity this feature as its name suggests is a whole new idea of changing, modifying, acknowledging, and rewiring of the brain in such a way that it fits well to the changing needs of a growing individual in term of both developmental age as well a chronological age yet aspiring to achieve a balance between the two… there are a lot of acknowledged behavioral therapies for the same some on which we are mostly aware are ABA (applied behavioral analysis), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), CDP ( child development program) and OT (occupational therapy ) to name a few.

Initial years are very important for the development of the brain and children with special need face a lot of obstacles in this path may it be sensory dysfunction, rare health conditions, and syndromes, somnipathy (which is quite common in most special need cases), autism spectrum disorders is an umbrella of a lot of neurodevelopmental disorders, cerebral palsy, any sense impairment is also a hindrance to growth, in this post I want parents and kids go hand in hand in facing the above challenges and to maintain a stress-free and a controlled challenging atmosphere for the relation to bloom while working on the deficits or areas of concern. Its a ray of hope and a win-win situation for the family because we know that home is the safest place best known to child as well as adult and trying to reduce the toxic or tolerable stress to good stress, the best therapist for play sessions are indeed child’s parents. Empowering the parent with knowledge will not only catalyse the process it will definitely reduce the stress and thus increasing the Hippocampus’s capacity to store and recall spatial and episodic memory and also by increasing synapse formation as well.

My focus is on brain plasticity and its need while keeping the parent child relationship in frame. As per researches It is well known that the special need children require an atmosphere of inclusion and we as parents can emphasis on the parent child relationship and the ways to increase that bond. For a young mind any sort of therapy could be a little bit stressful in the beginning and they might need time to adapt and adjust ,the time required for this adjustment is directly proportionate on the child’s own brain capacity of resilience against stress .I personally emphasize on the people and on the time that a child will spend and to be precise it is at home and with family and siblings the catalysing effect a family may have on the good parts and acceptance of child to its therapy.

I will like to accepts and promotes the questions from parents and would like to help them in planning an IEP i.e. individual educational plan for their little one. Our Mission statement: I look forward to increase neuroplasticity of the special need child with the most natural way possible and in an affordable manner. p.s it is not a business page/post .. want to help because i have been there and still there along with a lot of people are going through.

I am with parents who want to establish a secure bond with their children providing them support and strength, and the effect of these play sessions will be for child as well as parent  both will benefit with sense of attachment and comfort, eliminating the isolation of being the special need parent completely further. As a special need mother myself of a little amazing soul and I value and acknowledge child and parent’s needs both in their own ad unique ways.

The misery of an eloquent observer ( an autistic mind )

Being an fluent observer can really be painful .. let’s say for example you are like a better version of simple security camera who traces every movement and keeps a record and specifically in your case you can analyse and produce a solution as well but u just lack the necessary tools and lack some how… in simple words this is how an autistic brain works… autism is not an unknown phenomenon to the world now.. the neurological developmental disorders and syndromes have been showing nightmarish growth in the last few decades.. and we have been witnessing the spike in cases which are not being properly being taken care of since this scenario wasn’t speculated lets not waste muc time a hv a glance over what diffrence does an neurotypical and autistic brain has.

In most cases, it’s observed that autistic kids show signs of the predominant left hemisphere which deals in details and logical and analytical aspects of any process or object. as we are aware that brain has two hemispheres in generalised concept which have their specific functionalities for particular activities . its striking to know that the right hemisphere experiences a growth spurt during the first 18 moths of life ,where as the areas of left hemisphere are held back for later developing abilities (Chiron et al., 1997;Gould, 1977) during this duration the brain circuits internally with the help of eye gaze, hand-eye coordination crawling i.e. getting acquainted with the world around. the orbital medial prefrontal complex (OMPFC) anterior cingulate and insula cortices, are the first regions to develop and all are larger in the right hemisphere. connected with networks of learning ,memory, emotions these are densely connected with vagal tone, body and HPA axis and as the fibres of corpus callosum mature they facilitate increased communication and integration of the two sides of brain the right and left hemisphere gradually come to co operate in an analysis of both global (right) and specific (left) aspect of surrounding (* this might be the reason the autism signature signs turn out to be noticeable since 14 months of age as in early intervention can take place well that is just an assumption on my part definitely need more research into it to conclude the same )

dysregulation of sensory ,motor, motor ,cognitive and affective processing suggests that the compromise in multiple cortical and sub cortical neural network is present. The neurobiological causes of autism may vary and has a wide range but there is a considerable evidence of cerebellar structural irregularities in autistic individuals and two genetic based disorders (Fragile X and Joubert syndrome)that contains autistic features(Holroyd et al.,1991;joubert et al., 1969;Reisset al., 1988) located beneath the occipital lobes and behind the brain stem the cerebellum is a complex structure it contains almost as many neurons as does the cerebral cortex and each cell is designed to have as many as 10,000 connections to adjacent neurons(Stein,1986)the cerebellum is interesting to explore because the range matches to symptomology with autism as a condition and computational ,timing, and regulatory functions are present which are the blue print of the frame work of CNS ( central nervous system) the damage to the cerebellum has resulted in disruption of Mental imaginary, Language, Emotion and Cognition, Affect regulation, Shifting attention. (mostly of which are quite common in autism as well as a few other neurodiverse conditions)

apart from cerebellum there are few other brain anomalies which are found in autistic brain

  • Reduced brainstem size
  • Abnormalities of the ventricle system
  • Lower level of cingulate and limbic activity
  • Structural abnormalities of the cerebellum and limbic forebrain
  • Reduced corpus callosum size
  • Delayed maturation of frontal cortex
  • Abnormal right orbitofrontal development
  • Mirror neuron dysfunctions
  • Abnormal neural growth and pruning
  • Amygdala dysfunction
  • Glial guidance abnormalities
  • Lack of cerebral coordination ,white matter integrity and functional connectivity
  • Left hemisphere deficits
  • Right hemisphere deficits
  • Abnormalities in default mode and simulation network

now that i m aware of things like what differences an autistic brain has to a normal brain I can focus more on the deficit areas and try to strengthen them as much as possible and that is obviously the key to neuroplasticity I can focus on generation of the synapses and neuronal pruning and make use of much more mirror neuronal activities, have lesser situations which facilitates the dysfunction of HPA axis and to induce more motor and somatosensory inputs , might understand my child better when he will be in confused state or will be in zero zone , may as well focus on auditory and visual instructions and learnings in a totally different way .. I now understand while giving instructions the less i use a lot of words (which might confuse him ) is better and in fact words can replace sentences if he can understand this way much better . and there is lot more which i got to know i just need to turn the information in a structured play therapy plan to strengthen what’s weak .There is so much more which can be done and will be done . indeed the knowledge is power in a situation like this while going through a pandemic definitely its the key not to waste valuable time..

Psychological scrutiny of Green, red, blue pathways in accordance with fight/flight /freeze (the 3 F’s dilemma )

In the paradigms where the child’s behavior is in focus and also a great part of communication, whether the child is neurotypical or a child with any other unique need characteristics there is always a dilemma in dealing with child behavior. the biggest hindrance in this course is if the child is autistic, or has any other language disabilities where the emotions aren’t properly conveyed to the other person thus, in short, there is no efficient and understandable two-way communication. there is always a chance of misunderstanding when a child shows signs of MELTDOWN but it gets perceived as TANTRUM or BEHAVIOUR. the idea of this post is to understand these in details we have to go through the NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL process of same thus getting the entire behavioral etiology to manage the challenging behavior and facilitate the development in a nut shell .

but before we get in much detail we should understand the two behavioural approach responses that are generated by the body in any sort of stimulus present

the Top -Down behavior : this sort of behaviour is a response given when the stimulus is percieved by the senses and is analysed and thus the intented response is given by the body to the external condition . the process takes place in concious mind various areas of brain like Anterior cingulate cortex, insula, hipocampus, and even the pre frontal cortex take part in such responses actively .

the Bottom -Up behaviour: this behaviour is generally automated and also much more quickly in response to any stimuli. the active participation of various part of the brain can be seen. it can be surprising to see the vagal systems also play an indirect yet vital role. the subconscious and automated responses can be due to activation of limbic system and amygdala ( the threat centre ) of the brain, which can be instinctive or on the basis of already formed synaptic junctions in response to similar stimulus in past. it can be said that this kind of response is seen in defensive mechanisms usually

the neuroception strategies must be understood and also analyzed in correlation to the polyvagal theory whose central idea is to understand the autonomic nervous system in its most practical and applicable manner. the below given is an example of both approaches on learning process.

the response of these approaches/ phases can be easily understood as under in a very easy illustration of the same but in light of the three F’s it can be easily seen and understood that the neural response to all the three zones namely green ( social engagement) , red (fight / flight) and lastly blue ( freeze ) are the basic reflex a person produces as a result of various top down and bottom up approaches that a person experiences. it is noteworthy that in green zone all the neural pathways are active and hippocampus is actively participating in making decisions and learning and recalling spatial and explicit memory to make new synapses and learning new concepts along with co ordination of pre frontal cortex and limbic system and ACC. the environmental response to the situation is the same as reciprocated like wise safe and thus easy feasible and safe for learning. the red pathway shows some distress and also the activation of amygdala and the limbic system and results in fast reaction to any threat present here the person experiences the factors like rise in cortisol levels and activation of HPA loop which calms down and gets deactivated when the situation gets under control. the third pathway is the blue pathway which is freighting g of all in this pathway th person gives up the will an the HPA loop doesn’t deactivates like it is supposed to do which in turn gives boost to cortisol levels, creating a negative neural emotional regulation system which in time becomes the natural Autonomic nervous response of the person causing a wide range of psychological disorders, anxiety , schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Obsessive compulsive disorder to name a few.

while designing a therapy session these pathways should be kept in mind a since the difference between the red and blue pathway is very narrow and not so visible and can be easily overlooked bt it is as highly dangerous for learning as it is seems and after a lot of research it is found out that a lot amygdala activation and impaired deactivation which can happen if the child stays in red zone for long will naturally result into HIPPOCCAMPUS shrinkage, hippocampus being the storage unit will deplete the capacity and thus causing hindrance in learning memory foundation and further learning deficits will definitely occur, along with psychological disorders like depression and polarity etc.

so the bottom line is the green pathway is important but controlled challenges are important too for growth .. it is best to understand the behaviour to understand the reflex an adjusting the response accordingly… happy learning everyone and every kid deserves a chance to make this world a better place


I assume we all have been to that  phase atleast once in our lives … where we don’t  know what to do or even think ..this is the moment when our life changes from full to nil and in this particular moment we realise the bitter truth ..”what we are left with?” …. deliberately we start losing faith in everything that is around us, in our relationships and at last in ourselves and believe me “IDENTITY CRISIS”is just a part of it … Indeed it is the most crucial phase and a really hard point to get back to optimistic approach.. this is the time we feel TRAPPED and CHAINED !

i have been through these and even worse bt the only thing that kept my life going was a decision that we have to make a choice here .. “To CHANGE or to be CHANGED ” .. i prefer the former , why should i let any external factor decide on my part.. my survival through such situation can never be by giving up .. i refuse to quit and i refuse to surrender.. come on ! There has to be some other way to get over this situation.. all windows can’t be closed at the same time …we have to find the correct path which will lead to that one window which is wide open fr us too flee from these delusions……… we have to find that ONE WINDOW

in my struggle I encountered few demons of mine SELF LOATHING , INSECURITIES, SOLITUDE and PESSIMISM to name a few … while all of them seem friendly to me in a glance and very comforting in every way since it was like an escapade Bt they do more harm than good … they ate up my life essence like a parasite … after going through everything I decided to give myself a last big shot and did analysed everything and every detail .. went through the voids and let the logic be the judge .. in a short span I started to feel what has to be troubleshooted and how it has to be done . Every one is different so will be their journey and problems so I don’t hv any universal solution Bt I can suggest those few steps which can give a clear picture and thus help troubleshoot and thwart those ugly downfalls

First step of which same is to admire, love and pamper your needs, qualities and acknowledge yourself .. it might sound simple Bt it is as difficult as easy it seems ….i must admit being a piscean woman it was hard for me to get over self pity n swim upward ..in direction opposite to the current..i was a lone confined shell person and extreme introvert that made my situation even worse..Bt once I was done with negative I boosted myself to my very best and the luminating life essence I have today was worth the fight !

Second is to focus on what is important and to overcome overthinking… if you are a loner it will be the greatest challenge for you to overcome overthinking since it is very addictive … although it is very easy to train your subconscious to avoid it … be OCCUPIED.. a preoccupied mind doesn’t allowed the trash to be processed… for doing so try to give your mind subtle hints and try to be more curious … focus on knowledge rather than just fantasising…

Third is to have the WILLINGNESS to succeed and COURAGE to push your boundaries Bt as a controller not as a slave … it might sound strange at first but it is simple once the idea is understood.. we all tend to isolate and avoid any activity or act involving people and if we do we do it just for the sake of doing it .. here we have to understand that natural is always comforting while fake is not… love is like a boomerang whether u love as a lover or even to a homeless child it will sure find its way back to you so be fearless and love fiercely first to yourself and than to others.. it is always a win win situation!

at times it is possible that Things might not get right or turn around as you please and this is what how life works but one can always illuminate against the odds and all these hurdles when overcome become soul food and insure a better person inside and out !!!


Broken wings 

I wanna fly said little birdie

fly so high to touch the sky

Over the mountains 

Free ! as the breeze goes by 
Oh mama if can I see dusk and dawn

If only I can see the river side 

I wanna see where the sun sets 

I wanna see what stars are like

I want to do it all , I want to do it all tonight 
“Sure my love u will” said muma with teary eyes

She knew he was an angel … an angel with broken wings 

Bibliophile’s dilemma

BIBLIOPHILE ( a person who loves books and enjoys collecting them) NOT to be confused or linked with BIBLIOMANIA (obsessive compulsive disorder, obsession towards books gone extreme )…

Hello book lovers….Being a bibliophile i feel this is a very amazing temperament… for me honestly ,books are like tangled threads,comprising many lives which are mystically trapped among few articulated words .

The beauty of book can never be judged by it’s cover…frankly fellas that is just not possible… we have to give it a shot ..grab a chair get yourself a cup of coffee and begin your magical journey. some seek adventure , some find peace in it , for few it can be escape to a virtual world , and for some it can be a solution to their problems… we all read them for different reasons … and as usual they never disappoint us “Books have it all what we seek .”

So where is the dilemma … well who among us are frequent readers or librocubicularist ( a person who reads in bed) know this very well.. we love to read what grips us, gives us excitement and fulfills our expectations… to be precise what holds us and motivates to read further.  so the big question is ……WHAT TO READ ?

i will start by few good catch in NON – FICTION (supposedly the boring genre according to fiction lovers ) so here are the amazing reads in non fiction genre to break the MYTH ;P




This book unleashes the hidden power ..the power other than the convectional conscious mind which had all the attention & grooming since we were born… this book deals with the subconscious mind of ours and its underestimated powers .. this book provokes, questions and enlightens in many ways.. and it surely changes the perception with every page we turn.




It is indeed a great piece written by the Nobel prize winner Author ..it is a elaborated study of human beings brain functionality and still  is easy to understand as well as comprehend and doesn’t even require any special learning.beautifully written and full of facts and clarity… indeed a great book for those who like to push the limits to widen the gaze ….


OIL 101



This book deals with everything about oil.. may it be crude or may it be even in its extraction phase, the theory of everything even hydrocarbons and bonds , and even oil as a derivative..it has wide range and is a very amazing appetite for a beginner or even a layman who wants to understand the complex world of oil and gas industry … Downey had been in the industry for a long period and he definitely made sure to put the best of everything in it.. one can pick it up and learn ample things about oil and gas industry as well as the markets.




This is an amazing book for those who have interest in trading … although this book doesn’t deals with the tricks or strategies of trading but this book describes how a bunch of not so important people changed the world of HFT (high frequency trading ). this book will make you think how the money market is rigged and complications are worse but on the other hand it will tell you the story of a mystery being unfold ..

  • note : This info will make it a  more exciting pick that ,the real life impact of this book was… just a day after the its release , federal bureau of  investigation announced a investigation on high frequency trading ..although FBI never linked but insiders say it was the impact of The Flashboys




WALTER LEWIN  with warren goldstein

Warren Lewin  is well known and need no introduction .. his explanations for the complex as well as easy concepts  are widely appreciated .. in his book he explains and never ceases to amuse the reader with the great deal of knowledge which he  made so easy to understand.. he has his ways to take you on an unforgettable voyage full of fun and logic.. indeed a great pick for someone who would like to see world in a interesting way.



This is autobiography of the Nobel prize winner Theoretical physicist Richard feynman . he was a man full of life he had different perspective towards things and a different vision he might be skeptical at times as well as a curious mind.  he was indeed intellectual being and a life long learner .writing more will spoil the craze of your reading i will let u take the delicacies by yourselves.



A professor decides to deliver his last lecture after discovering that he is suffering from a chronic disease and he doesn’t have much time left .. he tries to deliver more than just knowledge he tries to give them wisdom…. the lessons he learned from his life ..he makes them understand life is what we take it as .. indeed a great read for those who loose hope and are prone to easily fall in depression . and it’s really a amazing read for some one who wants to have insight about the manners of living ..quite different than Tuesdays with Morrie and i think you should give it a shot….simple and pain are d keywords for this one.

so these are few good reads ….. i m sure u will enjoy them since they are of a little different taste then the conventional known non fiction work..